To provide a forum for contemporary legal discourse, we must:

  • Adhere to the highest standards of analysis, accuracy, and timeliness in publishing the law review;
  • distinguish the College of Law as a leading institution, known for its support of scholarship and academic pursuit;
  • attract the College of Law’s finest legal communicators by encouraging independent legal thought, offering positions of responsibility, and maintaining a tradition of service to our college;
  • inform our profession about the compelling issues of our time by providing a forum for student scholars, practitioners, and legal educators;
  • offer our profession a selection of articles balanced between the theoretical and the practical;
  • uphold the honor and decorum of our profession by championing the highest standards of conduct;
  • stand together as advocates of quality legal education and strive to improve the reputation of our Law Review and of our school;
  • inspire cooperation, commitment, and camaraderie among our membership and the College of Law at large; and
  • safeguard an institutional memory and tradition so that those who follow will benefit from our experience.